Grace Wu


Stop #24: Houston, TX

I had to do one last longgg drive and that was between Tucson and Houston. I stopped for the night in San Antonio and finished the drive up the next day. I didn’t realize this, but the remnants of Hurricane Imelda were just starting to fall on Houston. I saw my dad for a couple hours before we drove him to the airport. It was good timing he left when he did. The rains kept coming and by Thursday morning, the airport had closed. Schools closed and a lot of people got stuck in the floodwaters.

I was in Houston to see my Aunt, Uncle and cousin for a couple days. I didn’t end up doing much because the rains did not let up and Houston got some of the worst flooding since Hurricane Harvey. My Aunt and Uncle live on the west side of Houston, which luckily got less rain the other parts. However, their street still flooded a couple times. Scary! And we were lucky that nothing happened to the house or the cars.

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